Located in Cuba, IL, the farm is more than 623 beautiful acres of privately-owned pasture, timber, water, and professionally-managed land.  With eleven lakes on the property, the fishing is always good somewhere.  Pure strain muskellunge (muskies), tiger muskies, northern, lunker largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, hybrid striped bass, red ear, walleye, bluegill, channel catfish and crappie are among the fish found in the diverse lakes.
Come fall, the farm offers some of the best white-tailed deer hunting in the nation.  The carefully-managed property provides ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife while contributing to the beauty of the land. Hunters will also find bobwhite quail, rabbits, ducks and Canada geese.

     In addition to the fishing and hunting, there is a welcoming lodge for relaxing and acres and acres to explore
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