2011 Hunting Management

    2011 means some big changes for the Cuba Farm!  Dr Grant Woods, a renowned Wildlife Research Biologist and Whitetail Deer expert visited the farm in January and spent two days evaluating the land and wildlife in order to build a custom management plan for the farm.  Immediately following Dr Woods' visit, the farm began its transition to a world-class hunting and recreational property. 

  The primary goals of the plan are to:     
        1. Provide safe and enjoyable hunting and fishing opportunities for family and friends invited to the farm. 
        2. Improve the habitat to create a realistic opportunity to interact with wildlife (observe and harvest) when hunting. 
        3. Significantly increase the quantity and quality of white-tailed deer and turkey using the property and increase the number of 
            small game (quail and rabbits) residing on the property. 

    In order to meet these goals, steps are being taken to:
    - Provide high-quality, year round forage 
    - Create cover and natural habitat resources for wildlife
    - Encourage data collection to observe trends on the farm
    - Make areas of sanctuary available to wildlife
    - Combat predators 
    - Utilize hunting tactics to create ideal environments for wildlife throughout the property

                                                        Grant's plan for plantings
April 2011 - 100 Burr Oak, 100 White Oak, and 100 White Pine were purchased to replace ares of burnt trees, and to fulfill the WHIP obligations.  2,000 tree fertilizer tablets will be fed to the most promising and healthy trees this year.
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