Cloudy Lake

Stocking Plan

Fall 2012

Species Quantity (Size)                                 
Golden Shiners 800 lbs. (3") (Approx.: 66,400 fish)
Fathead Minnows 800 lbs. (1-2") (Approx.: 250,000 fish)

Spring 2013

Species Quantity (Size)   

Yellow Perch 400 (3-5")
Yellow Perch 200 (5-7")
Yellow Perch 80 Large (3-5/lb)
Walleye 240 (5-8")
Smallmouth 200 (4-6")
Smallmouth 120 (6-8")
Redear Sunfish 2,500 (1-2")

     Cloudy Lake is roughly 9 surface acres and located in the southwest corner of the property.  It is quite the unique lake on the property; the bottom is rocky and sandy, it is spring-fed, and it water temperature is cooler than the other lakes.  These characteristics offer the potential to create a very different type of fishing opportunity.  Designated as the Canadian-themed lake, Cloudy will be stocked and the habitat managed to maximize its strengths.  The 2012 management plan includes stocking two fish new to the farm - yellow perch and walleye.  The lake also features smallmouth bass, a favorite on the farm.  Additionally, we are trapping crayfish from other parts of the farm and raising them in the wetlands so that we can stock them in Loudy; these little crustaceans are the primary forage for smallies.  It will be very exciting to watch this lake of such distinct character and opportunity develop into an extraordinary fishing lake!



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