East Lake

East Lake was purchased in 2005 as an addition to the original farm.  The area of East Lake was measured at 379,410 sq ft (8.71 acres) in 2005.  A 2013 review of the lakes suggest that East has grown by more than 3 acres to a new surface acreage of 12!

Goal – Muskie lake

 201 Evaluation
  1. The average size of the bass sampled was 14.3”, 1.46 lbs, and the average relative weight of the bass was 78.8%. This relative weight indicates that the bass are skinny for their size.
  2. It is predictable there are few small bluegill due to lack of spawning sites for the bluegill. Well that has not changed with the rain. This lake should greatly benefit form all this new water in the way of bluegill spawns.
  3. Fin clipped the smaller bass for musky food and released the others. Main goal is musky and we did shock one very healthy musky
  4. Removed common carp and this will help with bluegill reproduction as well.
  5. The fertility level was much higher form the rain and we did not have to add too much fertilizer when there.
  6. The gizzard shad presence was encouraging to see. We hit a few adults 14 inches but also one school of shad over 9 inchers. We also stocked them as well so the population should be taking off by next year.
  7. Suggest stocking 12 more musky if you can get them. I think they will grow in this environment. This will increase the chances of catching them. This will also result in less but healthy bass.
2010 Evaluation
  1. Fertilize lake – six applications per season once waters hit 60 degrees
  2. Establish gizzard shad  (stocked 6/24/10)
  3. Stock pure strain Muskies and Walleye annually. (140 Walleye and 28 Pure Muskies stocked 11/2010)     
  4. Can move any excess bass, crappie, bluegill, muskies, etc. from any of the other lakes into this lake to feed the muskies
  5. Establish creeping water primrose around the shoreline
  6. Release all muskies caught 

                                                                      Gizzard Shad stocked in East Lake on June 24, 2010

                                                                           Fertilizer applied to East Lake -  June 24, 2010






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