Gate Lake

Gate Lake sits on the eastern side of the property and is on its way to becoming the Farm's smallmouth bass fishery!  Since 2005, the lake has increased from 9.8 surface acres to 11.  That's an additional acre of smallies! The management plan for Gate Lake is:

Goal – Smallmouth Bass lake

2013 Evaluation 
  1. The sample size was quite small in gate lake. I think after the harvest last year there should be some fast growing bass. If no smallmouth are caught, consider stocking some more after Cloudy Lake starts to come around.
  2. The musky was quite healthy and we also did not shock any trout but we will check water quality for them this summer.
  3. Continue to remove all largemouth bass and transfer bigger largemouth bass into other lakes if you would like.
  4. The average size of the bass sampled was 15½”, 2.38 lbs, and the average relative weight of the bass was 86%. This relative weight indicates that the bass are skinny for their size.

2010 Evaluation
This lake will eventually be incorporated into the Big Lake plan
    1. Fish Stocked: 
        a. 10/2010 stocked 100 smallies from 7 to 9 inches and 300 measuring 3 to 5 inches
        b. 04/16/11 - stocked 100, 5-7 inch, feed-trained smallmouths
        c. Stock Rainbow Trout (100 lb stocked 10/2010, additional 200 stocked late October     
    7. Feeders installed 04/2011.  These will be removed.

                                                                                             Gate Lake Bathymetric Map
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