Hall of Fame

New farm record - 19lb 7oz pure strain Musky caught on white chatter bait on West Lake. 3/27/2015.

Bud caught this 1lb 10oz bluegill on a fly rod.

Joey with a 6lb even,  21 inch bass.
Caught on Big Lake on 6/28/14 with a small 1.0 KVD square bill crank. 

                                       West Lake on 5/2/14. Bud with 6lb 4oz and 21 inch largemouth.                 5lb 4oz 21 inch largemouth taken on South Lake on 5/2/14. Lure was a 5 inch                                              Shad colored with silver double bladed willow spinner bait,                           black crawdad with red sparkles.

                     New Cuba biggest fish record from Big Lake - 41 inch and 18 lbs of Tiger Musky                             5 lb and 21 inch Bass on 4/13/14 Big Lake using double willow blade white 
                    caught on 4/12/14 using double willow blade with white skirt and black trailer.                                  spinner with black trailer.

   Joey's  2 lb 3 oz, 16 inch Big Lake Crappie.  July 2011                                                        Another Monster Bass for Joey

Joe Lyne - 21-3/4", 6 lbs 1 oz, July 2011                                                    Sammy's Five-Pounder, June 2011                                  

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet shall keep Joey and Mary from catching some hall of famers!  January 2011

  38 inch West Lake Muskie.  Spring 2009                                                     5 lb, 9 oz - Duck Hole.  March 2010

Nerina gets the stormy weather award!  June 2010

              Joey.  6lb 3 oz West Lake 6-2010                                             Randy R. 6.4 lbs. Big Lake/Duck Hole. March 2011

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