History of the Cuba Farm

     The Cuba Farm was purchased in 2003. Called “The Cuba Rod and Gun Club” at the time, it measured a total of 483.57 acres.  Starting in the early 80s, the land was leased by the Cuba Rod and Gun Club for hunting and fishing. When the lease expired in 2003, it was not renewed and the club disbanded.  

    In 2004, an additional 33.361 acres were purchased, which included the area surrounding East Lake.  The farm expanded again later that year with the purchase of 47.7 tillable acres on the northeast corner, which brought the farm to its current size.   The map below shows the original property lines and the additions.  

    In the summer of 2011, forty-five acres were purchased on the southwest corner of the property.  This acquisition added two lakes to the farm, making a total of 11 lakes. Later in 2011, 4.63 acres on the western boundary as purchased, bringing the total acreage to more than 623 acres.
    According to locals, the property was strip-mined in the 1960s by the United Electric Coal Company.  Coal mining was a major industry in the region until the 1980s with Cuba considered one of the strip mining centers of Fulton County.  The lakes on the property are the result of this history.  The coal industry left behind a private road as well, locally called Old Haulage Road, that runs north/south through the property to railroad tracks.  These tracks cover approximately 11 acres of the property and bisect the southeast corner of the property. Twice a day, a railroad company uses their tracks to transport coal from the region.  These tracks are owned and maintained by the railroad.

       The area outlined in yellow was the initial 483.57 acres purchased in 2003.  The next year, the 33.361 acres outlined in 
                     red were purchased.  In December of 2004 the 47.7 tillable acres outlined in orange were added.
2011's additions are outlined in green.

                    The wetlands in the northeastern-most corner were created as part of the WHIP program in 2005.
                                            The wetlands to the west of Clubhouse Lake were created in 2010.

                                                                                 Clubhouse Lake. May 2005
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