Farm News

July 2013
Another successful farmfest!  And this time, with a completed lodge!  

June 2013 
Aquatic Environmental Services visited the farm to evaluate the lakes.  The details of their visit can be found within the Lake Management tab.

May 2013
The farm is a-buzz!  Literally!  The addition of a bee apiary introduces not only delicious, fresh honey but also many new hardworking pollinators! 

January 2013
The lodge is nearing completion.  It's down to the last details (and we all know who is in the details...)  

February 2012
The first annual Winter FarmFest was a success!  Although a smaller, hearty group attended, everyone had a great time.  

January 2012
The Cuba Farm participated in its first charity event!  A lucky bidder at the Jim Thome Event won a deluxe fishing weekend at the farm, including guided fishing!

November 2011
The farm will receive 505 new trees!  101 evergreens and 304 shade and ornamental trees.  All hand-selected for the farm.

October 2011
The farm now has a custom-made pontoon boat!  Look for pictures on the site.

September 2011
The remodeled little cabin is being furnished!  Soon there will be another cozy place to sleep on the farm!  

August 2011
And the Cuba Farm just keeps growing!  Another 4.5 acres was added (including a house) on the northwest side.  

June 2011
The Cuba Farm just got BIGGER!  45 acres was added to the west side, increasing the size of the farm to over 623 acres and adding two more lakes!   

May 2011
The Lodge has a foundation and walls are going up!  Although it won't be completed by July, it will be able to house guests both inside and on the deck overlooking Clubhouse Lake for FARM FEST 2011!  

March 2011
Groundbreaking on the new Cuba Lodge is rapidly approaching!  Check the Cuba Lodge page for updates!

January 16, 2010
Hunting habitat management legend Grant Woods visited the farm to help develop a plan for the property.  The farm is undergoing a makeover based on Grant's planning to create a habitat for wildlife and to beautify the farm. 

December 3, 2010
The King is dead!  Long live the King!
That's right. The King of Cuba's realm has ended making room for a new king.  

September 7, 2010
Big Lake is getting BIGGER!  A 40" dam is going to be built at Duck Hole Bay to force water into the channel that separates Big Lake and Beaver Lake. Watch the website for updates!

August 4, 2010
The east end of the creek that runs through the farm was cleaned up today. In recent years, it had become a dumping ground for folks passing by.  Read more on "The Great Creek Clean-Up" page.

July 12, 2010
The new dam on Minnow Lake is built and was seeded with bromegrass this weekend past. Check out pictures of the new dam on the Minnow Lake page. 

July 6, 2010
Another Farm Fest success!  Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend!

June 28, 2010 
Farm Fest 2010 is almost here!  The weekend forecast calls for highs in the 80's and sunshine. 

June 24, 2010
The lake management plan is officially underway!  Herman Brothers started working on the farm.  Clubhouse, East, North, South and Beaver Lakes all received some love today.  Updates are on the fishing pages - and there are many more to follow! 

May 22, 2010
Herman Brothers Pond Management visited the farm to do a bit of electrofishing and to evaluate the lakes.  After a hearty breakfast cooked by Joe, they set out to shock each of the lakes and gather data so that they can design a lake management plan for the farm.

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