North Lake

    North Lake is 15.5 surface acres and located on the northern boundary of the farm.  It is legendary for its diverse and healthy fishery. 

    The management goal for North Lake is to maintain that reputation!

2013 Evaluation (includes North Lake)
  1. This lake is doing exactly what you want it to. It has lots of bass and they are in fat and long with the average length most novice would enjoy catching.
  2. The crappie population is good so harvest at your discretion.
  3. Harvest bass if you like as well but not necessary.
  4. Harvest bluegill and stock the Hybird Bluegill as they hopefully will grow in the brood ponds.
  5. Should try just a few grass carp in north lake and see if they migrate to the feeders in clubhouse. So stock just 2/acre per north or 20 total. Stock them in north lake.
  6. The average size of the bass sampled was 14.1”, 1.13 lbs, and the average relative weight of the bass was 72.7%. This relative weight indicates that the bass are skinny for their size.

2010 Evaluation  

    1. Maintain boat launch access
        a. Treat weeds in boat launch and beach areas (treated algae and milfoil with hydrothol 
            and cutrine liquid on 6/24/10)
    2. Tune-up aeration system
    3. Installed a reef (early 2011)
    4. Relocate some of the bass to other lakes

                                                                                    North Lake Bathymetric Map

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