Fishing Photos

 New Farm record for Large Mouth Bass - 8lb 3oz and 24" long on Gate Lake 5/1/16.   Lure pictured.
New Farm record for Large Mouth Bass - 8lb 3oz and 24" long on Gate Lake 5/1/16.        446. 3lb 3oz and 16.75 inches. Caught on Minnow on spinner.

  Tiger musky caught on Minnow in orange/black xrap. 24.5 inches and 4lbs.

  Tiger 542. 1lb 11oz. 19 inches. Caught on Minnow using orange/black Xrap                                        5lb 2 oz. Tag #427. South Lake          

              Big Lake tiger #6. 2lb 10oz and a little over 22 inches long                                 New Farm Record - 7lb 12oz big girl caught on 4/2/16 Gate Lake using a 
                                                                                                                                           double bladed chartreus skirted spinner.

     Joe sets a new Cuba Farm record for Smallie - 3lb 3oz at 17 inches long. Nice fish Marie!

36 inch 12 lb 10oz Musky Gate lake on a frog in spectacular fashion Sexy Mama with 3lb 14oz of Bass


John and Lucy getting it done on East Lake.

Walleye taken at East. Joey with a 15 inch 1lb 10oz Walleye.       1lb 13oz Smallie on Cloudy caught on a 2.0 KVD white square bill crank bait.

           Rebecca catches a big northern after prom.                                                         Recovering from Prom has never been this fun! Go gals 2014! 


                                                                5lb 4oz bass taken on South Lake.                         Caught on South Lake using a black swim jig with black craw trailer.
                                                      5 inch black craw with red sparkles was the lure.

                                      Amy with a small mouth bass on Cloudy Lake. 5/2/14.                   Bud on West Lake with an 11lb 7oz pure bred Musky 
                                                                                                                                                                  - double bladed shad spinner. 5/2/14.                                                                                                                 

Record Tiger Musky captured in action.

New Cuba biggest fish record from Big Lake- 41 inch and 18 lbs of Tiger Musky 
caught on 4/12/14 using double willow blade with white skirt and black trailer.

South Lake Stripers caught on Rattle traps.

          Bud and Billy with 10 Stripers from South Lake using silver rattle traps - Spring 2014            5 lb and 21 inch Bass on 4/13/13 Big Lake using double willow blade white spinner with                                                                                                                                                             black trailer.

                                                                                         Joe guiding Mark, Bradley, and Rick for November 2013 Crappies

Check out the lure- even the bass enjoy beer at the farm.  July 2013

The fish cooperated for the Lodge opening weekend.  May 2012 

 Steve's daughter is wowed by what she's reeled in!  May 2012

Tiger Musky. 9lb13oz, 33" - caught on Big Lake using a Mann's baby minus one in an angry crawdad. April 28, 2012 

Thomas & Jack Bradford - 2010                                                   The Bradford's bassin! 2010
                       Ladies Happy Hour.  May 2008                                   Matt S and the fish he caught on Big Lake. July 2009

Nerina - Big Lake stormy weather bassin!  June 2010                              Becca and a big bass!  May 2008

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