The Wetland

    In the summer of 2010, Nate Herman of Herman Brothers Pond Management had a great idea for the empty field near Clubhouse Lake: creating a wetland designed for topwater fishing!  Before too long, the bulldozer was running and the new habitat became a reality.  A truckload of gravel was added on 7/15/2010 and large rocks were situated to create a forage base and spawning areas for fish such as bass, bluegill and catfish.  In the fall, there will be some plantings to further beautify the area.  

                                                                   The newly created wetland - July 2010

                                                                   The newly created wetland - July 2010

                          The wetlands' first visitor - July 2010                                       Adding pea gravel - July 2010      

                                                                            Adding more pea gravel - July 2010    

                                               and a bit more pea gravel.. gotta create the perfect habitat! - July 2010    



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