Clubhouse Lake

    Clubhouse Lake is located at the entrance of the farm.  At just 3.6 surface acres, it's the perfect size to create a showcase lake.  Guests of the lodge will be able to peer into this lake from the large deck cantilevered over the water.

Goal – showcase lake with diverse population and big Bluegills
    1. Intensive Management
    2. Extensive feeding program, includes incorporating feeders into landscape
    3. Maintain optimum water quality
    4. Plant water lilies, focus on cove area across from beach on west side of lake (15 full-size 
        water lily plants, 10 small roots, and 40 tubers - completed 6/24/10)
    5. Manage wetland-style vegetation – lilies, cattails, Phragmites
    6. Incorporate landscaping around lake and lodge
    7. Continue to diversify the lake
        a. Albino catfish
        b. Rainbow Trout
        c. Catfish
        d. Feed-trained smallmouth
        e. Monster bluegill
        f. Stripers
        g. Feed-trained largemouth
        h. Hybrid bluegill
        i. Golden shiners
        j. Muskie
        k. Yellow perch
        l. Nate’s genetic bluegill
        m. Crappie 
    8. Stocking to date:
        a. 10/2010 - stocked with 100 pounds of Rainbow Trout and 100 pounds of Golden 
        b. 100 lb Golden Shiners (Stocked 10/2010)
        c. Albino White Catfish (Stocked 12 10/2010)
        d. Rainbow Trout (100 stocked 12 10/2010)
        e. Hybrid Bluegill 4-6 inches (stocked 4/12/11)
        f. 45 Arkansas Bass 5-8 inches (stocked 4/12/11) 
    10. Install feeders (targeting the Bluegills)
    11. Install underwater lights near deck for viewing fish at nighttime 

                                                                               Clubhouse Lake bathymetric map

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