The Hunt

                  Cuba duck meal - March 2016

                                                                                                                       Farm to table

Cuba at seven months old

Cuba's First Wild Pheasant - New Year's Eve 2015

Oct 18th 2014 - Bud with a nice 8 in the prairie grasses of Cuba North.

2014 Dove Season was a big success. Close to 300 doves were harvested by friends and family.

Goose hunting in the early days.

Big Tom down.

1st Turkey taken on the Cuba farms - the Johnson piece. This Tom was shot at 7:50am on 5/3/14 at 50 yards.
He weighed 24lns 1oz and had a 10 inch beard plus 1 inch spurs.

Chestnuts taken at 6:15am on November 12th, 2013. Scored 164.

Chestnuts and Mr. Gnarly getting back together

Chasing Mr. Right

Butter and Splits 2013

Nerina scores her first deer (yes, plural!) 2013
Her doe was shot at 104 yards and the buck is a monster 10-pointer! 
Shot 15 minutes apart in the same field!

The Pheasant Hunt

A successful day for Bud - November 2012  


Winter 2012 - Geese everywhere! 

                                                                Joey and Sammy Jr. Winter 2012                                    To the victor goes the GOOSE LUNCH!  Winter 2012

The King of Cuba has fallen!  December 2010
16 points!

Cuba Farm deer measuring 221 inches!!  2005

           Hondo on a rabbit hunt - January 30, 2009                                                        This freak deer was harvested with a bow the morning of November 3, 2007

Sambo Jr. Gets a
buck - November 2008                                                                       Muzzle loader buck - Fall 2009

On the hoof - 2009

The Horse Pen Deer Condo - during construction 2010                                                  and after!                              

                Texas Hunter Deer Blind.  Installed 2010                                 Bradley Rice Blind installation 2010                
                                 Minnow Lake food plot  2010                                                    Joey's food plot  2010                                     
   Creek Bottom food plot                                                                The Horse Pen food plot  


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